Pickalo caesar

Pickalo Caesar
rapper criminal gang banger is a menace
To society.....................

Underground hardcore rapper pickalo caesar has numerous arrest allegations from the state of Alabama extending from 1996 through 2013. The arrest included drug distribution, robbery, destruction of government property, assault on law enforcement, these allegations led to his arrest in 1998 by Chief Roper in Birmingham Alabama. Pickalo is assume to be affiliated with the gang Larry Hoover Gangster Disciples and also he is affiliated with a drug organization was identify to be known as 4 Knoxx. The state of Alabama identified this organization do to a drug raid where the narcotics agents collected music paraphernalia such as written lyrics and audio tape buy head narcotics agent Lawrence Tate. The audio tape that was collected had death threats that was aim towards the law enforcement agency that was used against him in court that labeled pickalo caesar as a terrorist and a menace to society. Those words was quoted by judge Gloria Bay Hackle in the Jefferson County state of Alabama court hearing in 2001.